Friday, August 14, 2015

Project10 Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted
And so my personal  Challenge Project 10 began. It really began a few days earlier but that is when I made the video. 

Take the Challenge | Body by Vi - Mathew Koeneker
I can just about taste it. Here are a couple of snapshots to show progress.

Challenge Crushed
I was able to crush that initial Challenge to lose 10 lbs of fat in just about two months. This was done thru a combination of things but mainly meal replacement, portion control, and timing. I added a shake for breakfast where I had just been skipping or going with soda or coffee.  Not for everyone, but I also initially replaced lunch with a protein shake as well.

You will have cravings. Fight them off  the best you can.  I had to cold turkey quit soda, sugar, and most pre-processed foods.   My cravings were rough the first 2-3 weeks.   Hey, and if you fall off for a brief morning and have a Strange's ok. LOL :-) You can still achieve your goal.

With this Challenge crushed #Project10 by #Vi #TeamSummers #TeamMojo donated Ninety (90) meals to a child in need. I chose the non-profit Feeding America after checking out the BBB ratings.

Body by Vi Challenge | ViSalus 

I decided that this concept had helped me out to such an extent that I became a  promoter for the company. The mutual idea of helping people to lead healthier lives while in turn doing a social good just seemed like a win-win to me. So I privately Challenged myself to reach the HS graduation waist line. As we approach the end of Summer, I have met that goal. And I am kicking myself for not doing it publicly, as I could have gotten about 180 meals donated.

Here are two recent snapshots of myself. The next Challenge is being finalized now.

For more information please contact me directly, my Facebook page, and/or my website.

Facebook Page: Vi On Life

Take the Challenge | Body by Vi - Mathew Koeneker

I am looking forward to hearing from YOU.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade Review - Final

I had my notes all together with my final thoughts on the install. Then, I stumbled upon this article from Ars Technica even-when-told-not-to-windows-10-just-cant-stop-talking-to-microsoft They hit the nail on the head in a much more professional way than I. It was reassuring that they were unable to figure out just what was being communicated either.

It is a step up for sure from Windows7, but if you have security concerns they are valid. But that is the writer says and I agree is the ongoing trade-off that we are making as we move towards more cloud based services.  We have to deal with the concept that "privacy" might need to be redefined as we move into this more connected and comfortable world. Case in point would be the recent hack into Bit Defender as written up in Forbes in Anti-Virus Firm BitDefender Admits Breach, Hacker Claims Stolen Passwords Are Unencrypted.

Just my $0.02,

Food for Thought

"We all see through the lens of our own prejudices. Two people who witness the same car accident will often see it completely differently. Our environment, our friends, the culture in which we live: all predetermine the things that we do judge and how we will judge them."

I read the preceding quote from a larger e-mail and it really got me thinking. Am I oversimplifying to think that if we all finally accepted that fundamental truth, then we could truly move forward as a society? I wonder as I see events unfold here again.

What do you think?

Peas & cornbread,

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nice one Microsoft! :-)

I will be posting a much more in-depth review of how the installation process went for me while upgrading my laptop to the new Microsoft Windows10 OS from the Windows7 OS that I have been rocking a bit too long . I need to eat and get cleaned up now. But,  I will post these pix of screenshots for right now.  So far I am extremely impressed and the process was quite smooth and painless.

I will definitely play with it this evening and have fun exploring.  I know, what a geek I must be. So I will finish writing the second half of the review and publish it later tonight.

--- Mati

Friday, July 24, 2015

Are they really just a few words?

Good morning y'all!
A picture of just a few words can convey 1000's.  This little pearl of wisdom can be employed in nearly every facet of your life. #truth #self-help #success #TeamSummers #Vi #project10
Have an excellent Friday and an even  better weekend my friends!
Peas & Cornbread,

Friday, July 17, 2015

Final 2015 National Merit Scholars announced : News

Final 2015 National Merit Scholars announced : News

It is good to be reminded that there are great kids and teachers out there.  We need to make sure that more young people from our state will continue to go on representing the future. Yes, I do mean that we need to keep spending as much and preferably more on education.
Have a great Friday night and be safe out there.

--- mak

Monday, February 2, 2015

Thoughts for the day so far....

Good morning and welcome to February!

What a game last night!!!! Why, oh, why did they not hand the ball to that human tank I'll never know? But, it was the scrum/fight that got the room on their feet. I think most St. Louis folks are hockey and #Blues fans so that would make sense. 

I almost forgot the two commercials that stuck out the AB, I mean, InBev, one with the puppy and the Bryan Cranston one bringing back Walter White one more time.

Be prepared, I am going to be yakking a lot more. So signal to noise ratio will go up. I'm not going to commit to a post a day but will shoot for that goal.

Housing situation is as fluid as I could wish. The lease is up and month to month which opens me up to a plethora of possibilities. My health is GREAT! :-) Which is great as with my job loss last year I fell into the #MedicaidGap and made too much for that but not enough for any federal healthcare insurance subsidies.  If not for an older umbrella act of Congress, I would have no access to care. I mention this because I'm quite sure there are many in much more dire predicaments. We still need #Healthcare reform.

I am once again a free agent and on the market. So if you see or hear about an opportunity, please email it to me. Thank you to those that have all ready sent me leads!

Question: Am I a snob, lazy, frugal or a combination that I would rather grind my own beans for my Grande espresso and then use my small French Press?

Time to go accomplish a few more things on this frigid day. Have a great day!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

MO Activates St. Louis County Emergency Operations Center @ 1400 hrs Today

The St. Louis County Emergency Operations Center will be activated on Thursday afternoon until Tuesday.

FYI --- Be careful out there during this "Weekend of Resistance"

Plans have been posted for protests in Ferguson, Clayton, and Kiener Plaza


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Humpday Y'all. Just my thoughts of the day

Good evening,

I know that I shouldn't be amazed but one again I am reminded of several things. How lucky and indeed blessed I am to have such am amazing support network of family and friends.

And also, how the world is really that global village that the politicos used to bandy about. Through the magic of the internet and technology, I just got an e-mail from someone from Wien whose parents were friends of my grandparents and has a hoard of old film, pictures, and letters. The world may be "shrinking" but the interpersonal is growing.

Also, please keep a very important Dude in my life in your thoughts. Tis but a minor surgery tomorrow morning but, every prayer and good thought helps and is appreciated.  Thank you!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My favorite apps so far this week

Good evening all,

I have been really exploring the extremely robust UI for a nifty application called IFTTT. I had just played around with it earlier but have taken it up again to find it a time saver for sure. It is FREE and basically just follows the principles of a flow chart. If [this action occurs] then it triggers a pre-ordained reaction. I think that as we enter the age of more connected homes, automobiles,and wearable tech, this will become even more handy a tool.

The second one is utilizing both the web based UI as well as the FREE mobile application for Snapfish. Both of which have some excellent features. Download, open, and log into the Snapfish App (for iPhone/iPad or Android) and your Snapfish account will be credited with 100 free 4"x6" prints; 100 additional free print credits will be added monthly for a total of 12 months. Plus, there a myriad of great coupons.