Monday, February 2, 2015

Thoughts for the day so far....

Good morning and welcome to February!

What a game last night!!!! Why, oh, why did they not hand the ball to that human tank I'll never know? But, it was the scrum/fight that got the room on their feet. I think most St. Louis folks are hockey and #Blues fans so that would make sense. 

I almost forgot the two commercials that stuck out the AB, I mean, InBev, one with the puppy and the Bryan Cranston one bringing back Walter White one more time.

Be prepared, I am going to be yakking a lot more. So signal to noise ratio will go up. I'm not going to commit to a post a day but will shoot for that goal.

Housing situation is as fluid as I could wish. The lease is up and month to month which opens me up to a plethora of possibilities. My health is GREAT! :-) Which is great as with my job loss last year I fell into the #MedicaidGap and made too much for that but not enough for any federal healthcare insurance subsidies.  If not for an older umbrella act of Congress, I would have no access to care. I mention this because I'm quite sure there are many in much more dire predicaments. We still need #Healthcare reform.

I am once again a free agent and on the market. So if you see or hear about an opportunity, please email it to me. Thank you to those that have all ready sent me leads!

Question: Am I a snob, lazy, frugal or a combination that I would rather grind my own beans for my Grande espresso and then use my small French Press?

Time to go accomplish a few more things on this frigid day. Have a great day!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

MO Activates St. Louis County Emergency Operations Center @ 1400 hrs Today

The St. Louis County Emergency Operations Center will be activated on Thursday afternoon until Tuesday.

FYI --- Be careful out there during this "Weekend of Resistance"

Plans have been posted for protests in Ferguson, Clayton, and Kiener Plaza


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Humpday Y'all. Just my thoughts of the day

Good evening,

I know that I shouldn't be amazed but one again I am reminded of several things. How lucky and indeed blessed I am to have such am amazing support network of family and friends.

And also, how the world is really that global village that the politicos used to bandy about. Through the magic of the internet and technology, I just got an e-mail from someone from Wien whose parents were friends of my grandparents and has a hoard of old film, pictures, and letters. The world may be "shrinking" but the interpersonal is growing.

Also, please keep a very important Dude in my life in your thoughts. Tis but a minor surgery tomorrow morning but, every prayer and good thought helps and is appreciated.  Thank you!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My favorite apps so far this week

Good evening all,

I have been really exploring the extremely robust UI for a nifty application called IFTTT. I had just played around with it earlier but have taken it up again to find it a time saver for sure. It is FREE and basically just follows the principles of a flow chart. If [this action occurs] then it triggers a pre-ordained reaction. I think that as we enter the age of more connected homes, automobiles,and wearable tech, this will become even more handy a tool.

The second one is utilizing both the web based UI as well as the FREE mobile application for Snapfish. Both of which have some excellent features. Download, open, and log into the Snapfish App (for iPhone/iPad or Android) and your Snapfish account will be credited with 100 free 4"x6" prints; 100 additional free print credits will be added monthly for a total of 12 months. Plus, there a myriad of great coupons.


Today's Breakfast Smoothie

Day 7 of on the Vi-Shape Challenge.

Today's smoothie: 1 & 1/4 cup Vanilla Almond Milk, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup of frozen mango, 3 stalks of fresh mint.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

An open letter to the media to report all sides in Ferguson

Gut Yontif! :-)

As an ex Ferguson resident of many years and with relatives and friends that still live in Ferguson, I felt that this petition was worth publicizing.

Dear St. Louis media:

Over the past six weeks, you have provided extensive coverage of the tragic events in Ferguson. You’ve interviewed numerous protestors, politicians, professors and celebrities, most of whom are not even from Ferguson, but for some reason you have spoken to almost no one who actually lives in this community and cares about its future.

You continue to report that the protests are peaceful, when in fact many Ferguson residents have experienced behavior that is actually confrontational and violent. A peaceful protest does NOT include:

• cursing at residents

• spitting at residents and vehicles

• surrounding and attacking vehicles on a public roadway

• urinating on public and private property

• threatening to burn down city buildings

• intimidating customers at local businesses

• threatening violence against residents

• physically assaulting innocent people

NONE of this is part of a truly peaceful protest, and yet all of these things have happened in Ferguson recently and are continuing to happen on a regular basis.

We, the responsible citizens of Ferguson, are disgusted by the protestors’ lack of regard for OUR rights. We have honored their right to peacefully assemble, even though it has made our daily lives uncomfortable, but we will NOT stand by and allow them to destroy our community and demand “justice” through mob rule.

We will also not allow the media to report only one side of this story, so this is an open call to all legitimate journalists in St. Louis: We want to talk, we want to be heard and we DO have video that will corroborate our claims.

Please step up and do your job, and know that by ignoring our experiences, you have greatly contributed to the volatile atmosphere in Ferguson and given cover to people who truly don’t deserve it. Yes, some of the protestors are indeed peaceful, but many are NOT. In fact, some are actually professional agitators who are paid to be here, and they are the ones causing the most trouble.

Please contact us and we will be happy to share our side of the Ferguson story.

If you are interested in signing this petition, please click here. tell-the-truth-about-the-peaceful-protests-in-ferguson

Have an excellent New Year!
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

FYI: Malware eliminated -- Read On!

I appreciate the heads up Peter. I wasn't sure if that was just something that I was seeing or if it was on the readers' side as well.  An old acquaintance of mine had/has a food blog and I had a link to it that your browsers automatic malware blockers kicked in on. In any event, the link has been removed and I tested from both Chrome, Firefox, & the stock Android mobile browser without any issues.

Have an excellent week!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Notes from the Field: The Dirty River Boys live in St.Louis

Pleased to have spent the evening rocking out to some "Outlaw Folk American", their words, with The Dirty River Boys consisting of bassist Colton James, drummer Travis Stearns, and the two acoustic guitarists and vocalists Marco Gutierrez and Nino Cooper last night at The Gramaphone Music Club which has rapidly become one of my favorite chill venues here in St. Louis, MO. A big shout out as always to my friends at KDHX 88.1 FM for the assist with complimentary tickets. Two notes to self here: ALL drummers like to party. And how did I go 29 yrs without hearing about the The Music Fest at SteamBoat as it is not far away at all.

Back to the music, the venue was full but not crowded and the sound both inside and on the back patio are good. I am waiting for the setlist ( and will update later) as I pulled a rookie move and left my notes on the bus. There was a nice mix of songs from all of their albums: Train Station, Long Cold Fall, and Science of Flight as well as their newest single Desert Wind. There were a few that did memorably stick out: Marco said that whiskey could be seen as a common element which led into another bright new track "There's nothing like a whiskey drunk on a Friday." which quickly became a sing-a-long, Carnival Lights, and Boomtown to name a few.

Bottom line is that these guys are the real deal and you should make every effort to go see them. My 2 cents.

Please, bear with me as I work on getting my writing chops back. Practice makes perfect.

Peas & Cornbread,